Day 2: Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodii Stops for Refuelling in Bosphorus

In the early afternoon of December 28, the Bulgarian military research ship Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodii cast anchor at the exit of the Bosporus on the side of the Sea of Marmara for refueling on its way to the Bulgarian Antarctic expedition on Livingston Island.  The ship is on a historic voyage to support the 31st Bulgarian Antarctic expedition. It is expected to take 40 days one way.

Initially, the ship was directed to Zone A to cast anchor and wait for a Turkish barge to assist with the refueling. Commander Nikolai Danailov told BTA that the fueling was going glitch-free. "The barge will give us 560 t of fuel. It is on the portside and is now pumping the fuel."

The entire process is expected to last several hours, depending on the pressure of refueling. The fuel is expected to last the ship until it reaches Mar del Plata in Argentina.

After the refuelling, the ship is awaiting clearance for midnight crossing of the next strait on its voyage, the Dardanelles.

By 14:46 on 21.04.2024 Today`s news

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