site.btaAverage Annual Salary at BGN 21,242 in 2022

Average Annual Salary at BGN 21,242 in 2022
Average Annual Salary at BGN 21,242 in 2022
The village of Delvino, Blagoevgrad region (BTA Photo)

A total of 2,278, 832 people were employed in Bulgaria in 2022 and the average annual salary was BGN 21,242. The data are contained in a National Statistical Institute's report on "Regions, districts and municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria 2022", published on Monday. It contains specialized information on the demographic, socio-economic and environmental situation of the administrative-territorial and territorial units in the country for 2022.

In 2022, the highest wages were in the creation and distribution of information and creative products; telecommunications,- BGN 52, 336, followed by financial and insurance activities - BGN 32, 448N.

The highest average annual salary was in the southwest of the country - BGN 26, 811, where the two regions with the highest and lowest average salary for 2022 were - Sofia capital (BGN 29. 698) and Blagoevgrad (BGN 13, 833).

As of December 31, 2022, there were 111,632 retail stores in the country, of which 41,163 were for food, beverages and tobacco, and 70,469 for non-food items.




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