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Digitization Is the Way for Industry to Develop - Technology Expert
Digitization Is the Way for Industry to Develop - Technology Expert
Nikolai Dilovski (BTA photo)

Digitization is the way for industry to develop, it will make industry more competitive, Nikolai Dilovski, Technical Director at the Plovdiv-based computer software company Haycad Infotech, told BTA in an interview. He sees steps being made towards the digitization of some sectors in Bulgaria, but notes that "the pace does not measure up to the one in technologically more advanced countries in Europe, and after all, we are in the European Union".

Dilovski noted that some industries are in dire need of going digital. The automotive industry in Bulgaria is doing more than other sectors in this respect. "This is one of the industries which know best how digitization can help, but there is room for improvement," he said.

The young generation will be keener on working in a digitized environment, Dilovski argued. Therefore, Haycad Infotech are organizing a series of technological conferences in various Bulgarian towns The events are targeted at the manufacturing industries. "Our aim is to show them what we can offer to help them raise their technological level."

The conferences are attended by school students, because "we are witnessing a shortage of skilled labour in an economy which we hope will be getting digitized faster and faster and turning technological". The expert added that digitization will not work without the right people to propel it.

He dismissed fears that digitization will make human labour redundant. "Such myths do exist, but we see things differently. What is closer to the truth is that high-skilled people are in ever greater demand in Bulgarian industry, so what can be better than training young people who will come out on the labour market in 10 years' time?"

Dilovski was in Stara Zagora for a technological conference on the digitization of industry as a chance for accelerated regional growth. The event brought together school-goers, engineering students and senior executives and workers from industrial enterprises in the region.




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