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 Sofia Hosts International Street, Puppet Theatre Festival
 Sofia Hosts International Street, Puppet Theatre Festival
Zero en Conducta's Mechanics of the Soul (BTA Photo)

The 12th Puppet Fair, which is taking place in Sofia between September 9 and 18, marks the 20th anniversary of the International Festival for Street and Puppet Theatre. The event is organized by the Sofia Puppet Fair and Sofia Municipality.

Taking part are over 200 artists from 13 Bulgarian companies and 15 foreign theatres from France, Canada, Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Czechia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Germany.

The target audience cuts across the age spectrum, from toddlers to adults. The Festival includes street stagings and, for the first time, micro theatre intended for one to four spectators.

The bill features world-famous entrants, like Catalunya's Zero en Conducta, who presented their Mechanics of the Soul on September 12. On September 15, Canada's La Fille Du Laitier will present Macbeth Muet, a rendition of Shakespeare's Macbeth. The programme includes two Bulgarian premieres: Katya Petrova's Adventures of Dr Dolittle (on September 10, the opening night of the fair), and Magdalena Miteva's Thumbelina (on September 16).

Outdoor performances attract viewers in Sofia's parks with fire-breathing dragons (Compagnie les Contes d'Asphaldt), musicians on strings (Antamapantahou), a life-size Indian elephant (Centre de Titelles de Lleida), and actors wearing luminescent mirror costumes (Mirror Family). The indoor venues are provided by the Sofia Puppet Theatre, the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, the Krasno Selo Municipal Cultural Institute, the Toplocentrala Regional Centre for Contemporary Arts, I Am Studio, the City Mark Art Centre, and Atelie 313 Theatre.




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