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Vazrazhdane Aims to Become First Political Force
Vazrazhdane Aims to Become First Political Force
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If you want to write your own history, there is only one option - Vazrazhdane to become the first political force, and we have a chance now to make this happen, said on Monday the leader of Vazrazhdane Kostadin Kostadinov at a meeting with citizens in the district of Varna.

"I am becoming more optimistic day by day, not only because of yesterday's survey showing Vazrazhdane as the second political force with potential for the first place, but also because of what I see in the whole country - the Bulgarian people are waking up," Kostadinov said.

He pointed out that in three years Vazrazhdane has grown 20 times, before the elections in 2021 they were 1% and now they are fighting for 20% as a minimum.

According to him, there is already pressure on Bulgaria to send a military contingent to Odessa. That is why we must have the power immediately after the elections to prevent it, the leader of Vazrazhdane said.

"Bulgaria's Euro-Atlantic path is over, it has run out, it has led us into a historical dead end from which there is no way out," Kostadinov further commented.




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