site.btaAlpha Research Finds Deepening Crisis of Confidence in Institutions, Political Leaders, Parties

Alpha Research Finds Deepening Crisis of Confidence in Institutions, Political Leaders, Parties
Alpha Research Finds Deepening Crisis of Confidence in Institutions, Political Leaders, Parties
The buildings of the President's Administration, the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly in central Sofia (BTA Photo)

An Alpha Research public opinion poll has found a deepening crisis of confidence in institutions, political leaders and parties. Formulating one of the most important conclusions of the survey, the polling agency wrote in a press release on Tuesday: "The permanent confrontation among intra-coalition, governmental, supporting and other 'partners', as well as between opposition and power holders, does not benefit any political force or leader but adds to the mistrust on the part of the general public but even on what until recently were party hard cores." 

Alpha research conducted its regular monitoring of public attitudes between November 22-30, 2023 among a 1,000-respondent sample representative for the country's adult population. 

At 21%, the Cabinet's approval rating is unchanged from June, but its disapproval has increased by 10 percentage points to 46%. Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov is approved by 25% and disapproved by 39% - again with a change for the worse.

President Rumen Radev is approved by 38% of Bulgaria, up by 5 percentage points from June. The disapproval is unchanged at 32%, the survey found.

The National Assembly enjoys approval approximating 8%, and acting Prosecutor General Borislav Sarafov is trusted by 6.9% of respondents. Negative attitudes to the police have soared by 12 percentage points, while positive attitudes have declined by 10 percentage points. As a result, disapproval of the police has reached 37%, compared to 20% approval.

GERB leader Boyko Borissov enjoys the approval of 19% of respondents, and 54% show negative attitudes. Trust in Continue the Change Co-chairs Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev has eroded by some 2 percentage points to 14%, while disapproval has grown to 61-64%, Alpha Research reports.

Democratic Bulgaria Co-chair Hristo Ivanov keeps its 16% public support, but disapproval has climbed from 46% to 52%. Against the background of their clashes with the ruling majority, three opposition party leaders have not seen an increase in their approval: Kostadin Kostadinov of Vazrazhdane (16% approval - 55% disapproval), Kornelia Ninova of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) (13% - 53%) and Slavi Trifonov of There Is Such a People (TISP) (13% - 50%). All these party leaders are approved by not more than 60 to 65% of their current supporters, the agency found. 

Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Honorary Leader Ahmed Dogan is approved by 12% of respondents and disapproved by 60%, and the figures for MRF Floor Leader Delyan Peevski are 6% and 70%, respectively. With Dogan, just as with the rest of the party leaders, the support comes mainly from inside their parties (61%). Peevski, however, gets 26% approval, 27% disapproval and 47% neutral attitudes from these quarters, Alpha Research commented.

The agency sees these levels of support for politicians, parties and institutions as unsurprising, all the more so that those willing to vote in possible elections are down to 36% and, accordingly, support for all major parties is declining. Those who are firmly decided to vote are 21.9% for GERB, ahead of 17.8% for Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria, 12.2% for Vazrazhdane, 10.8% for MRF, 9.6% for BSP, and 4.9% for ITN.




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