Last day of 48th National Assembly

site.btaContinue the Change: This Parliament Remains Opposition to Country's Future

Continue the Change: This Parliament Remains Opposition to Country's Future
Continue the Change: This Parliament Remains Opposition to Country's Future
Andrey Gurov (BTA Photo)

This National Assembly remained opposition to the future, Continue the Change chairman Andrey Gyurov said in his party statement on the occasion of the end of the 48th National Assembly. In an increasingly digital world, this Parliament will be remembered as one of paper, he added.

He pointed out that the 48th parliament will be remembered for the changes in the Electoral Code, under the banner of which, in his words, the "paper coalition" has united.

Parliamentary work started with an amendment to the Electoral Code, which became its birthmark, said Gyurov, according to whom this led to the destruction of machine voting and the "legitimisation of electoral abuses".

Among the successes of the 48th Parliament, Gyurov listed the better access to healthcare in small towns and raising minimum wages in hospitals with changes to the Health Insurance Act. "We passed three key bills under the Recovery and Resilience Plan, concerning mediation, legal aid and the cadastre and property registry", he added.

Among the failures of the 48th Parliament, the MP listed the lack of will to oblige the Council of Ministers to submit a new budget for 2023, not introducing control mechanisms on the Prosecutor General, and the lack of consistent fight against corruption.

Gyurov also stressed on the lack of agreement around the changes on domestic violence. It was more important for the GERB-UDF, Vazrazhdane and BSP deputies to sow fears and not take responsibility.

According to Gyurov, Bulgaria is also lagging behind in joining Schengen, which he views as wanting in the priorities of the National Assembly. 

"The minority inside and the majority outside now knows that we can live a better life; that your normal is not the European normal; that there is a future that does not depend on who you are", Gyurov said.

He concluded the declaration by saying that Bulgaria has more potential and called for unity in goals among Bulgarians.

The declaration comes on the last day of the 48th National Assembly. President Rumen Radev signed a decree dissolving it on February 3 and scheduled parliamentary elections for April 2.




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