site.btaRomania's Largest Flower Fest Underway in Bucharest

Romania's Largest Flower Fest Underway in Bucharest
Romania's Largest Flower Fest Underway in Bucharest
West Side Flower Fest, Bucharest, June 9-11, 2023 (Photo: Martina Gancheva)

Romania's largest flower show, called West Side Flower Fest, is taking place in Bucharest between June 9 and 11. The 43,000 sq m exhibition includes 13 thematic gardens arranged by floral artists, landscapers, and students of the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism in the Romanian capital.

"The gardens are located in the Drumul Taberei Park and are sensory, vertical, mosaic and romantic. Aromatic plants, flowers, herbs, trees, shrubs and even vegetables are exhibited in some 6,000 flower pots. Our mosaic garden required 14 elements," student Zoheir-Alexandru Chakhachiro told BTA.

Another attraction and favourite photo-of spot is a red dress made of 1,000 recyclable roses. The credit for the attire goes to the seniors of Bucharest's Sector 6.

At her all-blue stand, Cristina Cristache of Ploesti is arranging and selling bunches of blue tulips, peonies, hortensias and chrysanthemums. "I haven't spray-painted anything. Although they look inked, the flowers are actually special hybrids coming from the Netherlands and they are all natural," the florist told BTA, adding: "Blue stands for courage, confidence, creativity. I love this colour. That's why I dyed by hair blue. My blood is probably blue, too," Cristina quipped.   

Lavender can also be seen at the show. "Lavender water helps to soothe sunburns, and lavender essential oil is good treatment for mosquito bites," an exhibitor explains.

Lavender ice cream and lavender honey are also on sale at the festival. Most visitors, though, are queuing up for potted plants. Prices range from RON 50 for an olive tree, RON 40 for a Redlove apple tree, RON 15 for mint, and RON 10 for rosemary.

Before leaving, visitors to the flower fest can pin their wish on an expressly provided notice board or can join a music and dance programme. On Saturday evening, 140 Sector 6 residents aged between 65 and 85 took part in a Motion Is Ageless flash mob.







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