site.btaEU's Chief Diplomat Urges Skopje to Complete Constitutional Amendments

EU's Chief Diplomat Urges Skopje to Complete Constitutional Amendments
EU's Chief Diplomat Urges Skopje to Complete Constitutional Amendments
Josep Borrell in Skopje (North Macedonia government photo)

Arriving in Skopje on November 29 to take part in the OSCE Ministerial Council, Josep Borrell, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said that North Macedonia should complete the process of amending its Constitution if it wants to follow the European path.

The amendments in question are a requirement raised by Bulgaria and accepted by the EU and North Macedonia as a condition for starting EU membership negotiations with Skopje. Sofia wants the Bulgarians in North Macedonia to be named in the country's Constitution as part of a broader effort to protect the rights of the Bulgarian community.

Borrell said in Skopje that European integration is an investment in the future of North Macedonia.

He said: "Going into the European path is something that should be above the inter-party competition. It should be considered as a national endeavour, and all of them should be pushing for that. It is something that the country needs. And in order to progress in the accession negotiations, it will be crucial to build cooperation, to avoid political divide - at least on the European Union matters. I understand that you may disagree on many things, that is what democracy is about - presenting to the citizens different proposals - but it should not be a political divide on the European Union matters. If you want to go into the European Union path, you have to complete the process of adopting the constitutional amendments and to advance in key reforms. These are in the interest of all citizens of this country. It is not something that benefits one political party in particular. It benefits the whole people. It benefits North Macedonia as a country."

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