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No Pollution in Bulgarian Waters of Black Sea
No Pollution in Bulgarian Waters of Black Sea
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Data from the northwestern part of the Black Sea remains favorable, with potential pollutants remaining along the coast of Ukraine, the Ministry of Environment and Water said in a statement on Monday.

The Ministry provides regular monitoring of the state of the sea waters after the destruction of the wall of the Kakhovka dam, located on the Dnieper River in the territory of Ukraine.

The latest data from the Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Monitoring Centre at the Naval Academy in Varna, as well as satellite monitoring, do not show pollution of the Bulgarian water area with potential pollutants as a result of the incident.

As of July 2, the simulations show no probability of potential pollutants entering the Bulgarian water area.

Satellite images from the same date show that no pollution is observed in the coastal and exclusive economic zone of Bulgaria.

The Black Sea Basin Directorate and the Varna Regional Laboratory of the Executive Agency for the Environment are monitoring the quality of coastal water off Durankulak, Shabla and Kaliakra on a weekly basis, the Ministry said.

The Ministry is in constant exchange of information with the Ukrainian, Moldovan and Romanian authorities on potential water pollution in the Black Sea. The radiation background in Odessa region is normal. The Bulgarian embassy in Kyiv informed about this in its regular information sent to the Ministry. Up-to-date information on the results of the measurements made is provided in a timely manner to the competent institutions and the public.

The monitoring of the state of the sea waters is coordinated with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism to ensure to the smooth running of the tourist season.




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