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   Krassen Topalov Named Beekeper of the Year
   Krassen Topalov Named Beekeper of the Year
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Krassen Topalov has been named Beekeeper of the Year for 2023. On Saturday at the production facility of his company Organic Bee Products with the brand "Top's Honey" in the village of Alvanovo he received the award. The award is conferred by the Beekeeping newspaper. 
Topalov is the 24th member of the Number 1 Beekeepers Club. The history of the club was presented by Dimo Dimov, cofounder of the Bulgarian Academy of Beekeeping. In his words, the first beekeeper nominated for the prize in the distant 1999 was Kiril Kirov from Nessebar, who laid the foundation for the long list of the best beekeepers in Bulgaria. They cover the whole range of Bulgarian beekeeping - producers of queens and brood, producers of specific honeys and bee products, offering technology and industrial service of the hives, women in beekeeping, modern marketing, inventory and apitourism. 
"The distribution on the territory of Bulgaria is uneven, but in the coming years we expect appearances in places where there are good conditions for beekeeping and an influx of young, assertive masters in the craft," said Dimov. 
Krasen Topalov wins the Beekeeper of the Year Award for his activities during the year and his forward thinking, highlighted by his colleagues in the sector. He has a hereditary beekeeping farm with more than 5,000 hives spread over 100 apiaries. He is involved in breeding the Bulgarian honey bee with over 4,000 queens per year. Topalov operates a modern production facility for primary processing and bee products. It offers an extremely diverse range of products for the end consumer, available in 2, 500 outlets. 
"Thank you for the award and the trust my colleagues have placed in me. We will try to be ever so resourceful and develop in the best way. Behind the award there is a lot of effort and a lot of work, a lot of dedication," Topalov told BTA.




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