site.btaNew CC-DB MP Takes Oath in Parliament

New CC-DB MP Takes Oath in Parliament
New CC-DB MP Takes Oath in Parliament
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Ivaylo Ivanov took the oath as Member of Parliament for Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (CC-DB) coalition on Tuesday. Ivanov takes the place of Petya Stavreva who passed away earlier in May. Stavreva was Chair of the United Farmers political party and CC-DB MP in the 49th National Assembly from the 13th multi-member constituency in Pazardzhik.

Parliament Deputy Chair Rossitsa Kirova, who chaired Tuesday's extraordinary sitting, refused to put to a vote BSP for Bulgaria’s motion for a hearing of Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) Chair Ivan Ivanov in relation to a possible upcoming electricity price increase. Kirova recalled that it had been decided that the hearing would be included as an item on Parliament’s agenda only if there were to be changes in the electricity price of electricity within the 49th National Assembly. Otherwise, the 50th National Assembly will take a decision on the matter.




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