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Continue the Change Expects Formal Invitation from GERB
Continue the Change Expects Formal Invitation from GERB
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Continue the Change (CC) expects a formal invitation from GERB or a protocol that is written by them, “because what we have heard so far are internal discussions at their political events which are not really addressed to us," CC co-chair Kiril Petkov told journalists, according to the party’s Facebook page.

Last week, Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria (CC-DB) proposed a memorandum on the upcoming rotation in March between CC-DB and GERB. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel said she would not sign the proposed document.

Petkov commented on Monday on the political distribution in the regulatory bodies and the security services. According to him, GERB holds 100% of the posts in the regulators, and about 95% in the administration.

He said that the real distribution of power in Bulgaria, according to CC, despite their appointed ministers, is over 95% for GERB and MRF and maybe for some presidential cadres, leaving not even 5% in the hands of Continue the Change.

“We are open, the eurozone is a very important topic. We want to have a constructive talk. We need to continue the policies we have started,” said Kiril Petkov, adding that CC supports Mariya Gabriel for Prime Minister after the rotation.

Later on Monday, MRF co-chairman and floor leader Delyan Peevski reacted to Petkov's statement, saying that claims about GERB and the MRF controlling 95% of the regulators were definitely untrue. In addition to this being impossible, this is misleading the public, Peevski said, adding that he expected Petkov to apologize.

"The MRF has a small number of people proposed by the parliamentary group and backed by Parliament and we cannot be linked to any other appointments," he said, adding that the party has no representatives on the State Agency for National Security. Peevski published what he said was the full list of seven members of regulators nominated by the Movement, including Bulgarian National Bank Vice Governor Petar Chobanov.




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