site.btaOctober 29 Local Elections Campaign Kicks Off

October 29 Local Elections Campaign Kicks Off
October 29 Local Elections Campaign Kicks Off
Elections poster reading "Local Elections October 29, 2023"

As of 12:00 a.m. on Friday, the election campaign for the October 29 local elections officially began. It will last until midnight on October 27, by a decision of the Central Election Commission (CEC).

On Wednesday, the CEC drew the numbers by which the parties and coalitions running in the October 29 local elections will appear on the ballots. The draw was public and was streamed live online, and took place in the presence of the parties and coalitions registered for the elections.

Fifty-eight parties and nine coalitions will be running in the elections. Following is the list with the number for each on the ballot:

1. BSP for Bulgaria coalition 

2. Agrarian National Union

3. European Middle Class

4. VMRO - Bulgarian National Union

5. Bulgarian Union for Direct Democracy

6. National Movement for Surge and Stability


8. Social Democrats Political Movement

9. United for Plovdiv coalition

10. Bulgarian Democratic Union Radicals

11. SBOR - Just Bulgaria United Patriots

12. Bulgarian Voice

13. Together for Strong Municipality coalition

14. Citizens for the Municipality coalition

15. Bulgaria for the Citizens Movement

16. Direct Democracy

17. Pravoto [The Law]

18. Bulgarian Social Democrats

19. Bulgarian Democratic Forum

20. Bulgarian Surge

21. There Is Such a People

22. Conservative Alliance of the Right - KOD

23. Bulgarian Agrarian National Union

24. Alternative of the Citizens coalition 

25. Union of Democratic Forces

26. Greens Party

27. Unity National Movement

28. The Left! coalition 

29. Development for Septemvri and the Region

30. Here We Come

31. Union for Plovdiv

32. United Agrarians

33. Gergyuvden Movement

34. Movement for Prosperity of Pernik

35. Future for the Motherland

36. Bulgarian Progressive Line

37. Bulgarian Social-democratic Party

38. Society for New Bulgaria

39. Euro Roma

40. More

41. United Labour Block Bulgarian Labour

42. Vazrazhdane

43. Social Democratic Party

44. Union of Free Democrats

45. Bulgaria of the Regions coalition 

46. Conservative Bulgaria Party

47. Bulgarian Social Democracy - Euroleft

48. Ataka

49. Svoboda [Freedom]

50. Union of Patriotic Forces Zashtita [Defence]

51. Alexander Stamboliiski Agrarian Union

52. Bulgarian New Democracy

53. Bulgarski Pat Socialist Party

54. Ahead Bulgaria Movement

55. Our City Movement

56. Save Sofia

57. Movement for Rights and Freedoms

58. New Time

59. Volya

60. National Movement for Rights and Freedoms

61. Neutral Bulgaria coalition (including Communist Party of Bulgaria, Bulgarian Communist Party, Party of Bulgarian Communists, New Force, Russophiles for Revival of the Motherland)

62. Order, Law and Justice

63. MIR

64. People's Voice

65. Movement for Democratic Impact - DZ

66. Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria coalition 

67. Velichie




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