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site.btaGERB-UDF: Political Crisis Cannot Be Resolved without Us

GERB-UDF: Political Crisis Cannot Be Resolved without Us
GERB-UDF: Political Crisis Cannot Be Resolved without Us
Dessislava Atanassova MP (BTA Photo)

The political crisis cannot be solved without the participation of GERB-UDF, said Dessislava Atanassova, chairwoman of GERB-UDF Parliamentary group, in a statement on occasion of the end of the 48th National Assembly. It is also pointed out in the statement that GERB-UDF is no longer in isolation, but in the centre of the political process.

The declaration pointed out that both at the beginning of this parliament and today the GERB-UDF believe that the political crisis can be solved by showing political courage, strictly observing the rules of politics and making every effort to restore and maintain the political dialogue between the main political forces, even if they are opponents.

Atanassova said that in the last two years an attempt was made to destroy the formation - with the means of the repressive apparatus of the state, or at least - to isolate it from the political process. She added that among members of GERB-UDF it was clear that the formation of a regular government required a number of compromises from as wide a range of political forces as possible.

"We were ready to have serious talks and serious negotiations to accept not a small part of the programmatic intentions of parties whose views we do not share in exchange for support for a regular cabinet", Atanassova said.

The declaration pointed out that despite its short life, the 48th parliament has managed to take a number of important decisions regarding the war in Ukraine, the modernization of the Bulgarian army, compensation for high electricity prices, a number of important laws related to the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Atanassova considered the the decline in economic growth as one of the most serious challenges before the next Parliament. She thanked Vezhdi Rashidov, Chair of the 48th National Assembly, for agreeing to accept the position at an important moment for the country and parliamentarism.

The declaration comes on the last day of the 48th National Assembly. President Rumen Radev signed a decree dissolving it on February 3 and scheduled parliamentary elections for April 2.




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