site.btaLong-standing Members of Turkish President's Party Resigning: Why?

Long-standing Members of Turkish President's Party Resigning: Why?
Long-standing Members of Turkish President's Party Resigning: Why?
Flags with the logo of the AK Party in Edirne on the eve of the March 31, 2024 local elections (BTA Photo)

Recently, one of the long-standing reliable members of Turkiye's ruling party, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), resigned. Emrah Erkan Bulucu, the Provincial Chairman of Adiyaman, asked President and AK Party leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan for forgiveness on May 24, which is the form in which the key members of the party tender their resignations. 

The resignation is linked to the AK Party's loss in the local elections in Adiyaman of March 31. For the first time in 20 years, the mayoral position there was won by a candidate of the Republican People's Party (RPP) with two-fold more votes than those for the AK Party's candidate. RPP leader Ozgur Ozel broke into tears in front of the cameras when the victory in Adiyaman was announced.

The loss in Adiyaman shocked the AK Party members and supporters, because in the presidential and parliamentary elections last year, the party got 60% approval in that province. "We did not expect such a result, such a loss, which we suffered in such a short period of time," Emrah Erkan Bulucu said in a statement.

Before him, another active and very reliable member of the AK party - Provincial Chairman of Rize Hikmet Ayar - said in a public statement that the results from the March 31 local elections were unsuccessful for the organization's activity, and he resigned.

According to analyst Fehmi Gorgun, the resignations of the local leading members in what the AK Party considers its impenetrable fortresses can be decisive for the processes underway following the the AK Party's loss in the local elections against the RPP. More resignations are expected, or changes of leading local members, the analyst forecasts. 

"We need to evaluate the results of the March 31 elections from the point of view of what is necessary for a positive change of our party and our cause. We cannot neglect the fact that the people did not approve of us. We will continue on our way with new names," Erdogan told the participants in a conference with the heads of the party's local structures, as quoted by TRT Haber TV. In his words, decisive steps will be taken to win back the people's trust in the AK Party, to strengthen its members. 

At this week's end, from May 31 to June 2, the AK Party's central leadership headed by Erdogan will hold a conference with top party members from all provinces in Turkiye.

Analysts critical of Erdogan note that the reason for the collapse in the AK Party lies not only in the economic crisis but also in the party distancing itself from the people as well as the abuse of the presidential system.




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