site.btaLabour Shortage in Bulgaria Now Includes Unskilled Workers - Expert

Labour Shortage in Bulgaria Now Includes Unskilled Workers - Expert
Labour Shortage in Bulgaria Now Includes Unskilled Workers - Expert
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While until a few years ago, there was shortage only of skilled staff, now it has become difficult to find unskilled workers as well, the Operations Manager of job search website JobTiger, Hristian Petkov, told BTA. 

According to him, there are several reasons for this. Apart from the fact that the population is decreasing, in some sectors employers still do not offer adequate pay and fail to motivate their employees, he said.

Petkov added that the job offers for IT specialists is declining across the country. According to him, international companies in this sector have started layoffs and have frozen recruitment of new staff as early as the end of 2022. Gradually, the trend has also been felt on the Bulgarian labour market. Currently, there are nearly 35-40% fewer job openings, compared to the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023, the expert said. However, he stressed that despite this trend, there is no problem for qualified staff with experience in the sector to secure employment. The challenge is more for those who are just entering the profession.

Commeting the emergence of new professions in Bulgaria, Petkov said that the case is rather about modifying existing jobs. Many people have turned in recent years from workers into process automation managers, the expert explained. His prediction is that with the active penetration of artificial intelligence, there will probably be a short period of time in which it will take over the functions of working humans.

Let's not forget, however, that Al is an algorithm that learns, and in order to learn properly, human beings are needed, Petkov added, explaining that  as data management grows, a number of professions are also expected to change.

The expert also commented that Bulgarian businesses now offer regular internship programmes. He specified that many companies also have positions for employees without experience. Young people today have many opportunities because even internship programs are paid, the expert added. 

Hristian Petkov opened today the Varna edition of the National Career Days, organized by JobTiger. Nearly 30 companies from different sectors are presenting themselves at the forum in the seaside town.







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