site.btaDynamic Sector of Bulgaria's Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Highlighted at COP28

Dynamic Sector of Bulgaria's Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Highlighted at COP28
Dynamic Sector of Bulgaria's Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Highlighted at COP28
Small and medium-sized enterprises at COP28 (BTA Photo)

Disposable packaging, agriculture and transport are among the largest greenhouse gas emitters, for which Bulgarian companies have successful solutions. They were demonstrated by the participants in a panel on small and medium-sized enterprises as leaders of innovation in ecosystems, held at the Bulgarian pavilion at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28).

Gergana Krasteva-Georgieva of Cupffee: Disposable packaging is a major environmental pollutant, both because of its carbon footprint and the fact that much of it ends up in landfills or is incinerated. It is a source of microplastics, which pollute the environment and penetrate food and the organisms which consume it. The Bulgarian company offers edible cups as an alternative to plastic and paper cups. The production process is zero-waste and the cups degrade naturally within two weeks if thrown away, she said. This prevents a major source of pollution because in the life cycle of single-use packaging it is the disposal that leaves the biggest carbon footprint.

Hristo Nikolov of Carbonsafe Ltd.: Agriculture is another major source of greenhouse emissions as it accounts for 10% of the total emissions. Regenerative agriculture practices can offset these emissions and prevent erosion and increase soil fertility. The carbon absorbed into the soil can also be certified and become an additional source of income for farmers.

Hristo Popov of Theoremus: The industrial way of life and thinking is a big problem. The company has contributed to the implementation of a system for buying tickets with debit and credit cards in Sofia's public transport.

Emil Botusharov of ITA Group Bulgaria: This country has tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises. It would be crucial for the development of the ecosystem that each company concentrates on doing the best possible job in its line of business, rather than expanding at any cost, he said. Bulgaria has the advantage of a well-developed fibre optic networks and should make the most of it.

The participants in the discussion concurred that public procurement systems are often a hurdle to business development.




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