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The Weather on September 24
The Weather on September 24
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Unstable weather on Sunday over the western half of the country, under the influence of an approaching cold front. Cloudy, mainly in the afternoon and cumulus-rain clouds will form over western Bulgaria, bringing scattered showers and thunder. Heavy rain and hail possible in the northwestern parts of the country. 

Mostly sunny over the eastern half of the country, with low clouds or fog in the morning in some places in the easternmost regions. Light to moderate easterly-southeasterly wind, northwesterly in the northwestern regions in the afternoon. 

Lows between 15C and 20C, 17C in Sofia. Highs: between 30C and 35C, in Sofia around 29C. Temperatures will drop in the afternoon starting from the West. 

The Black Sea coast will be mostly sunny. Low clouds and fog in the morning. Highs: 23C-26C. Sea water temperature: 24C-25C. Sea waves: 2 degrees Douglas. 

It will be mostly sunny along the Black Sea coast. In the morning hours in some places will be low clouds or fog. There will be a moderate wind from the eastern quarter. Maximum temperatures will be 23°-26°. The sea water temperature will be 24°-25°. Sea swell will be two bars. 

The mountains: cloudy in the West with scattered showers and thunder in the afternoon. Mostly sunny in the eastern mountains, where it will  be warmer.  Moderate, temporarily strong winds will blow from the south-southeast. Highs at 1200 metres will be around 26C, around 19C at 2,000 metres above sea level.  

Source: National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology




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