site.btaVP Iotova Does Not Accept State's Most Formal Reaction to Assault in Struga

VP Iotova Does Not Accept State's Most Formal Reaction to Assault in Struga
VP Iotova Does Not Accept State's Most Formal Reaction to Assault in Struga
VP Iotova with the Young Revivalists in Varna (BTA Photo)

Vice President Iliana Iotova told journalists in Varna Thursday that she personally does not accept the state's most formal reaction to the recent assault case in the North Macedonian town of Struga. She expressed surprise that the Foreign Ministry contented itself with summoning the Ambassador of North Macedonia and serving a notice. 

The co-chairman of an association of Bulgarians in the town Struga in North Macedonia was assaulted on June 13.

The time has come to hold a top-level meeting between the two governments because, despite the French proposal and the fact that Bulgaria agreed to it, there is no development in the relations, Iotova said. The joint historical commission is practically blocked, it is not working and nothing of what seemed to have been agreed at the beginning has been implemented, the Vice President added. According to her, focused on the text that should be changed in the Constitution of North Macedonia, Bulgaria seems to have forgotten about the signed joint protocols. These mention textbooks, historical dates, events and personalities, and opening the files where all anti-Bulgarian activity should be read, Iotova recalled.

The Vice President stressed that instead of real results and elementary compliance with the Goodneighbourliness Treaty with Bulgaria, the Bulgarians in North Macedonia, who have no reason to be ashamed of being such, are being beaten. "I would not even dare to think that the new Bulgarian government would retreat from the already established Bulgarian position," Iotova added. In her opinion, this would mean national betrayal.

In Varna, the Vice President took part in a meeting of the Young Revivalist Clubs from Northeastern Bulgaria. The event was hosted by the First Language School in the port city. Iotova said that she had taken over the patronage of the initiative for young Bulgarian revivalists with great pleasure when she took office in 2017. She congratulated all those involved with the clubs and teaching the children not only a true love for Bulgaria, but also Bulgarian history

Unfortunately, there are enough attempts, not only outside the country, but also here, in Bulgaria, to rewrite Bulgarian history and this is done with a purpose, Yotova said. According to her, our past is what it is and we have to teach young people to know our history so that they can defend and protect it, also abroad, when other countries - for ad hoc, political or global reasons - try to steal it.







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