site.btaGabrovo Sends Thousands of Pine Saplings to Moldova

Gabrovo Sends Thousands of Pine Saplings to Moldova
Gabrovo Sends Thousands of Pine Saplings to Moldova
The northern Bulgarian town of Gabrovo sent thousands of pine saplings to Moldova (Taraclia District Council)

Ten thousand black pine saplings, donated by the Gabrovo region in Bulgaria, arrived in Taraclia, Moldova. The agreement for this was signed a week ago in Gabrovo by the leaders of the two regions.

The seedlings were provided by the Gabrovo Northcentral Forestry and Hunting Farm, the administration of the region reported. Local authorities handed over the donation to the Taraclia Forestry and Hunting Farm.

Some 8,000 saplings will remain on the farm, 340 trees will be handed over to schools, 300 will be distributed among the town halls of the settlements in the region, 200 saplings will be handed over to the village of Kolibabovka in the Leovsky District, 60 pine trees will go to Chisinau to improve the territory around the monument to the Bulgarian rebels from Shipka, and 50 trees will be planted in the village of Stoianovca, Cantemir District.

The administration of the Taraclia region thanked Gabrovo forestry and Regional Governor Kristina Sidorova for the help in improving the ecological situation in the region and its afforestation. They recalled that the settlements of the Taraclia region are located in the Budjak steppe, only 4% of which is covered with forests, when according to European standards, the norm is at least 12%.




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