site.btaFoundation SEED in Samokov Organizes Traditional LAGO Fest

Foundation SEED in Samokov Organizes Traditional LAGO Fest
Foundation SEED in Samokov Organizes Traditional LAGO Fest
Georgi Nikolov (BTA Photo)

The traditional festival LAGO Fest, organized by the SEED Foundation, will take place on July 15 and 16 this year in the Tourist Garden in Samokov, announced the chairman of the SEED Foundation and the main organizer of the festival Georgi Nikolov in the National Press Club of BTA in Samokov. 

According to Nikolov, the festival was originally called Street Art Fest Samokov. Today the name is different, but the concept is the same. Nikolov added that for several years the festival was held in the central town square Zachary Zograf, but for several years now LAGO Fest has been organized in the Tourist Garden in the town.  

According to him, the festival includes cinema with famous Bulgarian actors, painting, sports games and more. Nikolov said he would announce the full programme of the event in detail very soon.

Nikolov said the main goal of LAGO Fest and the foundation is to bring together young people who have both different and the same interests. "The most fun part is that the festival is prepared by the young people in the foundation and they handle this responsibility." He said it is important to have volunteers to help with the community life of the town.

The organizer added that people who are not part of the foundation but are willing to be civically active can join in the preparation of the festival. They can contact him through the official Facebook page of the Hub corporate office, where the SEED Foundation is based.







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