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Headlines 14 February 2016

News + 14 February 2016

  • Wine Tour Map Takes Visitors on Journey through Melnik Area

    Melnik, Southwestern Bulgaria - February 12 (BTA) - Wine-makers in Melnik have drawn up a bilingual map of wine tours in the area to promote this kind of travel. The map features all local wine cellars which are open to visitors, wine-makers who possess vineyards and run wine tasting rooms, and other important features related to the classic drink.

  • Growing Number of White Storks in Bulgaria

    Sofia - February 11 (BTA) - The numbers of white storks (Ciconia ciconia) and their nests in Bulgaria increase, the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds (BSPB) said. BSPB coordinated a white stork counting in Bulgaria as part of the Seventh International White Stork Census in all European countries performed every ten years.

  • One in Three Parents Considers Vaccines Not Safe - Survey

    Sofia - February 9 (BTA) - One in every three parents thinks vaccines are not harmless and 35 per cent think they could be harmful, Chief State Health Inspector Angel Kounchev said. He presented a survey commissioned by the Ministry of Health in December 2015. The survey was conducted among 1,817 parents aged 15-45.