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Bulgarians Celebrate Old Spring Tradition of Baba Martha Only available to subscribers

On March 1 the Bulgarians celebrate a centennial tradition, most probably of pagan origin, called Baba Martha or Granny Martha and connected with the onset of spring. On March 1, people give each other a white and red amulet called martenitsa for good health and strength in the year. The martenista is also tied on farm animals and trees. It is made from twisted red and white thread on March 1 only, when the new farming year starts for the Bulgarians. The amulet is borne until March 9, The Holy Forty Martyrs holiday, or until March 25, Annunciation, or until one sees the first stork or swallow. The martenitsa is then tied to a blooming fruit tree.

Headlines 02 March 2015

News + 02 March 2015

  • German-Bulgarian Opera Festival Opens Door to Business, Tourism Cooperation

    Sofia - March 1 (BTA) - A German-Bulgarian opera festival will open the door to cooperation in business and tourism. The initiative was presented Sunday by its authors, Director of the Sofia Opera and Ballet Academician Plamen Kartalov and Mayor of the German City of Fuessen Paul Iacob.

  • Bulgarians Make One of First Film in World with Augmented Reality

    Sofia - February 25 (BTA) - One of the first augmented reality films in the world is made by Bulgarian authors Teodor Oushev and Georgi Gospodinov, the film's team said. The animated film "Blind Vaisha," where the experimental technology Oculus Rift is going to be used, will be shown in Europe and Canada in 2015.

  • Population of Griffon Vultures Shows Steady Recovery in Eastern Rhodopes

    Sofia - February 19 (BTA) - A record high number of griffon vulture pairs, 75, have been spotted in Bulgaria's Eastern Rhodopes during the regular monitoring of the species, the Rewilding Europe project reported Thursday. It is five more pairs from last year.