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Bulgarian Government Resigns Only available to subscribers

The Plamen Oresharski Cabinet resigned on Wednesday, less than 13 months after it took office on May 29, 2013. BTA learnt from Parliament's Press Centre that the resignation was deposited with the Registrar Office of National Assembly shortly before the end of the working day. The resignation was expected after at the end of June the political forces reached an agreement on the holding of early general elections on October 5. The resignation comes after months of political volatility which started in June 2013 with mass street protests following the appointment (later reversed) of a controversial chief of the national security agency and was recently worsened by a poor performance of the ruling Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) at the May 25 European Parliament elections and a subsequent rift between the BSP and the other pro-government party, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF).


Документация за процедура по гл. 8А от ЗОП - публична покана за оферта за избор на изпълнител на: " Предоставяне на цифрова мобилна телефонна услуга клас GSM и свързани специализирани услуги по ползването на мобилни телефонни мрежи за нуждите на БТА - гр. София“, публикувана в портала на АОП с входящ номер 9031829, 03.07.2014 г.

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