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Headlines 25 November 2015

News + 25 November 2015

  • Young Architect Initiates Revival of Bizarre Communist-Era Monument

    Kazanluk, South Central Bulgaria - November 20 (BTA) - Architect Dora Ivanova, 25, chose an original subject for her graduation thesis at the Berlin Technical University: a project to breathe new life into Bulgaria's largest communist-era monument, turning it from an ugly ruin into a major tourist attraction. Ivanova presented her initiative, entitled "Bouzloudja: the Memory of Time," in Kazanluk. It has won the special prize of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria.

  • Cloud Storage Company Offers USD 20,000 Reward to Whoever Breaks Its Encryption System

    Sofia - The Swiss-registered Bulgarian company pCloud offers a USD 20,000 reward to anyone who breaks its data protection encryption system, the company said. The deadline is December 28, 2015. Over 2,000 hackers from across the world have made unsuccessful attempts to break the company's encryption system so far. The most attacks came from the US - 22.05 per cent, followed by Bulgaria - 13.33 per cent, India - 11.81 per cent and Britain - 10.14 per cent.

  • Environmentalists Predict Higher Temperatures, Less Rainfall, Water Resources in Bulgaria

    Sofia - November 19 (BTA) - Bulgaria is among the EU countries that rates lowest in terms of adaptation to global climate change but ranks in the top in terms of renewable energy sources development, according to a survey by the Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe (REC). REC Director Hristo Dounchev presented a climate change adaptation ranking of EU countries at a BTA-hosted news conference on Thursday.