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498 COVID-19 Cases in Bulgaria, Government Unveils Coronavirus Information System

Twenty-one new COVID-19 cases were diagnosed in Bulgaria in the past 24 hours, adding up a total of 498 patients. The latest figures were announced at the daily news briefing of the coronavirus task force on Saturday morning. Also on Saturday, the government unveiled a new nationwide information system for COVID-19 which integrates all kinds of information related to the outbreak in this country and links up all competent authorities and services: the health inspectorates, the Health Ministry, the Interior Ministry and police, etc. The system has an analytical component which will allow anybody to see real-time statistics and obtain the most up-to-date information. It has two segments: an official segment from the government services and authorities and the second part which is based on a mobile app with data provided by the individual users. The mobile app can be downloaded by anybody and they can, if they choose to, input personal information, including their health status, chronic conditions, contacts and current location. Any health complaints will be verified by the personal doctor.

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