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Headlines 09 February 2016

News + 09 February 2016

  • Shadow Sector Accounts for 90% of Bulgarian Rose Industry Output

    Sofia - February 1 (Lyudmila Spassova of BTA) - The year 2015 was disastrous for the Bulgarian rose industry as the amount of the crop was 60 per cent below the normal level, sinking to a 30-40-year bottom, Bulgarian Rose Oil Association President Filip Lissicharov said in a BTA interview. By contrast, 2014 was a wonderful year for the sector, the best one in three decades, but it could not make up for the slump in 2015, Lissicharov said.

  • Bulgarian NGOs Launch Project in Support of Protection Seekers

    Sofia - February 1 (BTA) - Non-governmental organizations will launch a project to support protection seekers in Bulgaria. Caritas Sofia, the Bulgarian Red Cross, the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria and the Nadja Centre Foundation presented their activities at a BTA-hosted news conference on Monday.

  • Bulgaria Loses Lv 120 Mln in Annual Revenues due to Poor Development of Mount Vitosha as Tourist Destination

    Sofia - January 30 (BTA) - Bulgaria loses 120 million leva in annual revenues due to the poor development of Mount Vitosha as a tourist destination, Roumen Draganov, Director of the Tourism Analysis and Assessment Institute, told BTA . The outdated equipment in a mountain which has become a battlefield for unwholesome interests has alienated visitors, thus causing the city of Sofia to lose 6,000 potential hotel beds, Draganov estimated.