South Korean Athletes Have Opening Ceremony at Athletes' Village

South Korean Athletes Have Opening Ceremony at Athletes' Village


 Most of the South Korean athletes have arrived at Gangneung and PyeongChang, the venues for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

 The delegation will have an opening ceremony today and begin preparing for the upcoming Olympics.

 We have a reporter on site.

 Cha Ji-yeon has more.


 I am standing here at Gangneung Village.

 At 11:00 a.m., the Korean athletes will have an official village opening ceremony here at Gangneung.

 Most of the 145-strong delegation has arrived at Gangneung and PyeongChang.

 Gangneung Village provides lodging to around 70 athletes in ice events like speed skating, short track speed skating and figure skating, and PyeongChang Village houses about 60 athletes in snow events like skiing and snowboarding.

 Upon arrival, the athletes began practicing.

 The short track speed skaters, who are highly expected to sweep gold medals, held one or two training sessions every day at the ice arena.

 Female speed skater Lee Sang-hwa, who will be contending for her third straight gold medal, passed by her Japanese archrival Nao Kodaira while training at the Gangnenung Oval.

 The united ice hockey team, figure skaters and others are all taking part in their training sessions in preparation for the competition.

 At the village opening ceremony scheduled for today, the athletes are set to reaffirm their resolve for the Olympics.

 A special weather forecast will be made today.

 The upcoming PyeongChang Games may be the coldest Olympics in history.

Concerns are mounting over extreme cold at the open-air Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony.

 The weather support team will announce Friday's temperature today in order to make appropriate preparations for the opening ceremony.

 With just two days left until the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, its festive atmosphere can be felt here.

 Cha Ji-yeon reporting for Yonhap News TV from Gangneung.


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