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Headlines 19 December 2014

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  • US Government Deeply Concerned about Ethnic Intolerance

    Sofia - December 18 (BTA) - The US Embassy here published a statement on Thursday, voicing the US Government's concern about ethnic intolerance. "To hear public statements denigrating people on the basis of their race or ethnicity is shocking. Especially during the holidays, a time of year known for goodwill and tidings of peace, we have been saddened to see public discourse poisoned by examples of speech that should be unacceptable in a modern, democratic society," the statement reads.

  • Bulgaria 2015 Growth Will Be Slowed Down by Corpbank Collapse - Raiffeisenbank Analysis

    Sofia - December 17 (BTA) - Growth in Bulgaria will be slowed down in 2015 due to the collapse of Corporate Commercial Bank (Corpbank), while Central Europe will be on the fast track of its economic development, a report of Raiffeisenbank concludes.

  • Тутракан - музей -

    Bulgarian Town of Tutrakan Boasts Unique Fishery and Boat-building Museum on Danube

    Silistra - December 16 (BTA) - If you have never been to Northeast Bulgaria or if you happen to travel along the Danube, the town of Tutrakan is a must see destination. It has a rich history going back to Ancient Rome, when it was founded.