"Green Certificate" to Be Mandatory for Indoor Activities in Bulgaria from October 21

SC 19:06:31 19-10-2021
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"Green Certificate" to Be Mandatory
for Indoor Activities in
Bulgaria from October 21

Sofia, October 19 (BTA) - A COVID-19 "Green Certificate" will be required for all indoor activities in Bulgaria, effective 00.00 a.m. on October 21, 2021, caretaker Health Minister Stoycho Katsarov told journalists here on Tuesday.

A digital or paper "Green Certificate" is proof that the holder has been fully vaccinated, or has tested negative in the previous 72 hours, or has recovered from the virus.

The additional measure is due to the worsened epidemic situation in the country. Bulgaria is the EU's least vaccinated country and has had the highest mortality rate in the bloc in the past two weeks.

A "Green Certificate" will not be required from teachers or children under 12 for the time being. Children and adults using public transport will not have to present a certificate, either.

Children under 12 may attend extracurricular activities, provided that no more than five persons are present in a room and they wear protective masks.

Classes will be suspended in municipalities where the infection rate exceeds 750 per 100,000 population.

The staff of hospitals, dialysis centres, oncological centres and nursing homes will have to hold a "Green Certificate".

"The certificate is easy to authenticate. The inspectors who control the certificates will also need to hold one," Katsarov said.

"Free rapid COVID-19 antigen tests will be provided to all regional health inspectorates and laboratories. The results will be posted on https://coronavirus.bg and everyone will be able to get his certificate with a unique QR code. The laboratories issuing certificates will be monitored, too. Rapid antigen tests will be handled by certified labs only," Katsarov added.

"Administrative services will be accessible without a certificate, but using mainly online services is recommended," he said.

No "Green Certificate" will be required for customers of pharmacies and small local stores. Visiting patients in hospital will be discontinued.

According to the Health Minister, the new epidemic-control measures will be in effect until the infection rates in Bulgaria decline. Considering that the main benchmark is the two-week infection rate, the measures will be in effect for at least a fortnight, until November 4. RY/KK/LG