Classical Swine Fever Restrictions Lifted for Bulgaria

Classical Swine Fever Restrictions Lifted for Bulgaria

Sofia, December 8 (BTA)- Bulgaria is no longer on the list of countries subject to control measures for classical swine fever, such as bans on movements of live swine, the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) said. Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/2158 of December 6 removes Bulgaria's territory from the restricted zones listed in Annex I to Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/934 of June 9, which lays down special control measures for this infectious viral disease affecting kept and wild porcine animals.

The European Commission's decision takes into account the effectiveness of the surveillance and control measures undertaken by the BFSA, as well as the favourable epidemiological situation of classical swine fever in Bulgaria.

Classical swine fever can have a severe impact on the concerned animal population and the profitability of farming, causing disturbance to movements of consignments of those animals and products thereof within the EU and exports to third countries.


Source: Sofia