Half of Bulgarians Involved in Growing Produce, As Many Drink Home Brew - Poll

NW 17:26:31 23-09-2020

Half of Bulgarians Involved in
Growing Produce, As Many Drink
Home Brew - Poll

Sofia, September 23 (BTA) - Half of Bulgarians grow and can their own produce, while just as many drink home brew, show the results of a survey conducted by the Trend polling agency between August 29 and September 5 through in-person interviews among 1,008 adult respondents. As much as 79 per cent of respondents eat home-grown or home-prepared food.

Half of respondents say they have participated in harvesting, 44 per cent in planting or sowing, 42 per cent in toiling the land, 18 per cent in distilling home brew and 12 per cent in butchering a homestead-raised pig. Only 7 per cent have experience with milking farm animals.

The poll found that as people grow older, they are more willing to eat home-grown and home-made food.

Predictably, the share is also larger in rural areas than in the large cities.

A total of 32 per cent of Bulgarians pickle vegetables, 28 per cent make fruit stew and 25 per cent can vegetables. The favourite home-grown or made foods are lyutenitsa (a chutney-like sauce made of peppers and tomatoes), fruit jams, sauer kraut, preserved meat, eggs, dairy products and brandy.

Eighty-three per cent of respondents say they eat home-made foods because they find them to be better than the store-bought ones; 81 per cent because they know the real ingredients; around 60 per cent because it is cheaper and 76 per cent because it brings back childhood memories. Three-quarters say they eat home-made food because somebody else prepares it for them.

As for home brew, 59 per cent drink rakia (the traditional stiff liquor), 29 per cent red wine and 11 per cent white wine. Fourty-six per cent avoid home-made liquor. LN