Over 60% of Bulgarians Support Protests - Alpha Research Poll

August 4 (BTA) - A little over 60 per cent of Bulgarians support the protests from recent weeks, shows a nationally representative survey commissioned by the Dnevnik e-zine and conducted by Alpha Research among 1,017 respondents in person between July 23 and July 30, 2020.

The protesters' demands for the resignations of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev are approved by 45 per cent and 43 per cent of respondents, respectively.

In view of the prosecuting magistracy's raid in the President's building, which sparked a conflict between President Rumen Radev and the Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev, the former enjoys the categorical support of 45 per cent of respondents, compared to 11 per cent for Geshev. Thirty-seven per cent of responsents do not support either one. In view of the conflict between the President and Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, Radev gets 44 per cent support compared to 23 per cent for Borissov. Twenty-nine per cent do not take either's side.

Sixty-one per cent of Bulgarians believe that the Movement for Rights and Freedoms' (MRF) founder and Honorary Chairman, Ahmed Dogan, plays a role in all important public spheres (responsents have provided more than one answer). A total of 38.4 per cent believe he plays a role in politics, 31.4 per cent believe he plays a role in the energy sector and 30 per cent in the economy. According to 17.8 per cent of Bulgarians, Dogan has influence in the justice system, while 19.6 per cent believe he has influence in the media. According to 42 per cent of respondents, Dogan plays a key role in his party.

The protests are fully supported by 41.8 per cent of Bulgarians, while 20.7 say they "rather support them". A total of 18.9 per cent say they do not support the protests at all, while 18.6 per cent say they "rather do not support them".

Over 66 per cent of respondents have indicated they support "citizens who come out to protests spontaneously", while 22.9 per cent support "President Radev, who backed the protests". Businessman Vassil Bojkov, who is currently in Dubai and wanted on a number of charges, and who declared his support for the protests on social media, gets support by around 3 per cent of respondents.

A total of 46.8 per cent of respondents support the protesters' demands to bring down the mafia and mobsters from power.

A total of 37 per cent of respondents who support the protests also favour early parliamentary elections.

Asked which political parties they associate with the mafia and mobsters, 47 per cent said "all", followed by the MRF, GERB and the Bulgarian Socialist Party. The least associated with the mafia are Democratic Bulgaria and showman Slavi Trifonov's "There is Such a People" party.

A total of 49.8 per cent of respondents express support for Democratic Bulgaria leader Hristo Ivanov's protest in front of Dogan's summer residence in Rossenets Park (on the Black Sea), compared to 21.3 per cent who do not support, with the rest being undecided. RI/MY.

Source: Sofia