January-May Exports Down By 8.9% Y-Y

January-May Exports Down By 8.9% Y-Y

Sofia, July 13 (BTA) - In January-May, the exports of goods from
 Bulgaria to third countries decreased by 8.9 per cent compared
to a year earlier and amounted to 7,511.4 million leva, the
National Statistical Institute said on Monday.

In May, exports to third countries from Bulgaria dropped by 27.2
 per cent compared with a year earlier and stood at 1,209.2
million leva.

In January-May (exports of goods from Bulgaria to third
countries, distributed according to the Standard International
Trade Classification) the most notable growth compared to the
same period of 2019 was recorded in sections 'Food and live
animals' (40.5 per cent) and 'Animals and vegetable oils, fats
and waxes' (30.2 per cent). The most notable decline was
reported in section 'Mineral fuel, lubricants and related
materials' (46.7 per cent).

The import of goods from third countries in January-May 2020
declined by 11.9 per cent year-on-year and amounted to 9,137.8
million leva.  The largest amounts were reported for the goods
imported from the Russian Federation, Turkey, China and Serbia.

In May 2020 the imports of goods to Bulgaria from third
countries dropped by 28.2 per cent compared to the corresponding
 month of the previous year and amounted to 1,596.7 million

Source: Sofia