April 2020 Overnight Revenues 95.5 Per cent Down, Year on Year

NW 16:06:01 10-06-2020

April 2020 Overnight Revenues
95.5 Per cent Down,
Year on Year

Sofia, June 10 (BTA) - April 2020 revenues from overnights reached 2.3 million leva, 95.5 per cent less than in April 2019. A drop of revenue was registered from overnights logged by both foreigners (by 96.4 per cent) and Bulgarians (by 94.4 per cent), the National Statistical Institute said on Wednesday.

In April 2020, the total occupancy of the beds at accommodation establishments was 6.1 per cent, down by 16.8 percentage points from April 2019. The highest occupancy rate was registered in one- and two-star accommodation establishments (8.2 per cent), followed by three-star accommodations (5.6 per cent) and four- and five-star accommodations (3.4 per cent).

In April 2020, 506 accommodation establishments functioned in Bulgaria, including hotels, motels, camping sites, chalets and others. They offered 15,000 rooms and 28,600 beds. Compared to April 2019, the number of functioning accommodation establishments decreased by 75.3 per cent and the number of beds by 81.9 per cent.

The overnights spent at all accommodation establishments in April 2020 totalled 49,500, or 94.9 per cent less than in April 2019, the steepest decline (98.5 per cent) being observed in four- and five-star accommodation establishments.

In April 2020, four- and five-star hotels accounted for 38.7 per cent of the overnights spent by foreign citizens and 9.5 per cent by Bulgarian citizens. Three-star accommodations hosted 31.6 per cent of the foreign visitors and 27 per cent of the Bulgarians, with 29.7 and 63.5 per cent, respectively, put up at one- and two-star establishments.

In April 2020, the number of arrivals at all accommodation establishments decreased by 96.3 per cent from April 2019 and reached 16,500. Arrivals decreased of both foreign citizens (by 98.2 per cent) and Bulgarian citizens (by 95.2 per cent). The Bulgarians who put up at accommodation establishments in April 2020 numbered 13,400 and they spent an average 2.9 nights there. Foreigners' arrivals numbered 3,100, with an average 3.5 overnights spent, 74.9 per cent at four- and five-star hotels. NV/LG