Sofia Is Reconsidering The Way It Develops

NW 19:46:01 02-06-2020

Sofia Is Reconsidering
The Way It

Sofia, June 2 (BTA) - Sofia is reconsidering the way it develops. Proposals are put down in a 30-year strategy entitled Vision for Sofia, prepared by a multidisciplinary team after tens of studies, analyses and discussions held over two years with the participation of over 10,000 experts. At a news conference in Sofia where Vision for Sofia was presented, Sofia Mayor Yordanka said that she is moving the strategy to the
Municipal Council on Wednesday.

The Vision says that in 2050 Sofia will be "compact, diverse and adaptable; a city which manages its resources wisely and includes its citizens in decision-making, creates and maintains diverse development opportunities and quality of life".

Fandakova explained that the Vision will be adopted in two stages. The first is the long-term part with its five priorities - compact city, adaptable city, diverse city, wise attraction of resources; and citizens inclusion - which have been supported by all participants during the discussions. The second part, which is to be submitted to the Municipal Council on Wednesday, is the short-term part with measures until 2025.

"These are the things we have to be working on until the end of this [mayoral] term," said Fandakova.

The Vision provides for the preparation of a new master plan for Sofia. Fandakova hopes that the terms of reference for the master plan will be ready before the end of 2020.

Sofia Chief Architect Zdravko Zdravkov said that the ultimate goal of the Vision is to improve the quality of life in this city. "In the recent years, Sofia went through a transformation from an industrial city into a city for cars, and we have to make it a city for people. We have to do this through a series of steps to make people get off of their cars, reconsider the use of industrial spaces and develop sustainable development models and green spaces," Zdravkov said.

He urged Sofianites to support the Vision and thus step up the preparation of a different master plan for Sofia. LN/