Bulgaria Has 617 Villages with Fewer than 10 or No Residents

Bulgaria Has 617 Villages with Fewer than 10 or No Residents

Sofia, May 26 (BTA) - Bulgaria has 617 villages without
population or with residents in the single digits, BTA found
from the National Register of Populated Places of the National
Statistical Institute. The data reflect the picture as at
December 31, 2019.

Out of a total of 5,257 settlements, 257 are cities or towns and
 4,998 are villages. The Klissura and Rila Monasteries have the
status of populated places. A new settlement, Sveti Konstantin,
was founded in Pazardjik Region in 2019.

Of the 4,998 villages, 617 had no residents or their residents
were in the single digits in 2019. Those villages were 26 more
than in 2018.

There were 446 villages with fewer than 10 residents, and 171
places without a single permanent resident. The depopulated
villages were seven more than in 2018.

Sixty-nine villages had one resident each, 63 villages had two
residents, and 46 had three each.

The depopulated villages were located in 14 regions, and those
with up to nine residents were in 23 regions. Gabrovo Region
topped the table with 63 villages without residents and 119
villages with fewer than 10 residents. Those 182 villages were
more than half of the region's 349 populated places.
Furthermore, 1,753 populated places had fewer than 100 residents
 as at end-December 2019.
The National Register shows that 722 villages had between 101
and 200 residents, 506 villages had between 201 and 300
residents, 396 villages had between 301 and 400 residents, and
263 villages had between 401 and 500 residents.
Larger villages, with a population between 501 and 1,000, break
down as follows: 205 villages had between 501and 600 residents,
177 villages had between 601 and 700 residents, 140 villages had
 between 701 and 800 residents, 106 villages had between 801 and
 900 residents, and 85 villages had between 901 and 1,000
residents. The village of Roza, Yambol Region, had 1,000
residents as at end-December 2019.

Further up, 365 villages had between 1,001 and 2,000 residents,
73 villages had between 2,001 and 3,000 residents, and 18
villages had between 3,001 and 4,000 residents. Of the largest
villages, four had between 4,001 and 5,000 residents, two had
between 5,001 and 6,000 residents, and one had more than 6,000
residents. NV/DD

Source: Sofia