Central Bank to Auction Lv 200 Mln Treasury Bonds on April 6

NW 16:40:31 27-03-2020

Central Bank
to Auction Lv 200 Mln Treasury Bonds
on April 6

Sofia, March 27 (BTA) - The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) said here on Friday that it will hold an auction on April 6 for the sale of interest-bearing Treasury bonds maturing in five years. The maturity date on the issue (BG 20 300 20 114/15.01.2020) is January 25, 2025, BNB said in a press release.

T-bonds totalling 200 million leva will be on offer. The coupon is fixed at 0.01 per cent per year, paid semi-annually.

By decision of the Ministry of Finance, primary dealers may participate in this auction with noncompetitive bids on their own behalf but for the account of their clients other than banks or investment intermediaries, including those established in another Member State or in a third country.

The ratio of government securities offered for competitive and noncompetitive bids is
50 per cent to 50 per cent. The maximum quantity of government securities which a participant may acquire with competitive bids is 50 per cent of the quantity earmarked for sale through competitive bids. RI/MY