Total Hourly Labour Costs Grow By 11.9% Y-Y

Total Hourly Labour Costs Grow By 11.9% Y-Y

March 20 (BTA) - In the fourth quarter of 2019, total hourly labour cost rose by 11.9 per cent year-on-year, showed preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute on Friday.

The total hourly labour cost grew by 10.5 per cent in industry, by 11.5 per cent in services and by 14.5 per cent in construction.

The breakdown by economic activities showed that the highest annual growths in total labour costs were recorded in real estate (19.6 per cent), other services and education (16.7 per cent).

Wages and salaries costs per workhour grew by 11.7per cent in comparison with a year earlier, while the other (non-wage) costs rose by 12.9 per cent. Across economic activities the yearly growth rate of wages and salaries component ranged from 19.3 per cent in real estate to 4 per cent in mining and quarrying. RI/PP


Source: Sofia