Q4 2019 Wages Averaged Lv 1,313, Up by 5.1% M/M

Q4 2019 Wages Averaged Lv 1,313, Up by 5.1% M/M

February 13 (BTA) - In the fourth  quarter of 2019 the
average monthly wages and  salaries  increased  by 5.1 per cent
to  1,313 leva from the previous month. according to preliminary
 data of the National Statistical Institute releases on

The highest increase was reported in  education - by  14.8 per
cent, and in financial  and  insurance  activities -  by  9.2
per cent  and  electricity,  gas,  steam and air conditioning
supply - by 9.1 per cent.

The average monthly wages and  salaries of the employees under 
labour  contract  in  October was 1,296 leva, in November 1,294
leva and in December 2019, 1,349 leva.

The highest growth rates were recorded in real estate - 19.8 per
 cent, education -  16.9 per cent and other service activities -
 15.7 per cent.

In comparison with a year earlier the average monthly wages and
salaries in public sector grew by 12.2 per cent while in private
 sector -  by 12.1 per cent.

According  to  preliminary  data at  the  end  of  December 
2019 the  number  of  employees under labour contract decreased
by 23,700 or down by 1 per cent  quarter on quarter to 2.29

Year on year the number of employees under labour  contract 
decreased  by  2,600 or by 0.1 per cent. RY/PP


Source: Sofia