President Radev Meets with CERN Director General Gianotti

November 21 (BTA) - Meeting with CERN Director General
Fabiola Gianotti here on Thursday, President Rumen Radev urged
Bulgaria and countries in the region to pool their efforts and
speed up the building of the South East European International
Institute for Sustainable Technologies (SEEIIST).

Prof. Gianotti is visiting Bulgaria to attend the observances of
 the 20th anniversary of Bulgaria' full CERN membership.

President Radev outlined the importance of building modern
research facilities in Southeastern Europe in order to create
career prospects for the young people in their native countries.
 Radev once again underscored that without an even distribution
of research and education infrastructure between Eastern and
Western Europe it is impossible to achieve real social and
economic convergence in the EU. "We are grateful for CERN's
support and the expressed willingness for the provision of the
most modern technologies," said the Bulgarian head of State and
called on CERN to share its expertise with regard to models for
financing of such projects and for legal assistance.

Prof. Gianotti confirmed CERN's readiness to assist with the
building of the institute, technological exchange and advancing
scientific cooperation with Bulgaria. She assessed highly the
work of Bulgarian researchers and Bulgaria's consistent support
for CERN and outlined the contribution of young Bulgarian
researchers in CERN projects.

Participating in the meeting was Prof. Leander Lilov, head of
the Bulgarian team in CERN and Sofia University lecturer.

CERN, or the European Organization for Nuclear Research, was
established in 1954. It operates the largest particle physics
laboratory in the world. RI/PP

Source: Sofia