Bulgarian Electricity Trading Market Joins Single European Intraday Market

Bulgarian Electricity Trading Market Joins Single European Intraday Market

November 20 (BTA) - The Bulgarian electricity trading
market has joined the Single European Intraday Market, the
Electricity System Operator (ESO) said in a press release on

ESO Executive Director Angelin Tsachev and Independent Bulgarian
 Energy Exchange (IBEX) Executive Director Konstantin
Konstantinov signed an agreement regulating the two companies'
commitments arising from the accession of the Bulgarian
electricity market to the Single European Intraday Market
Coupling. Energy and Water Regulatory Commission Chair Ivan
Ivanov attended the signing ceremony.

The IBEX-operated intraday electricity trading market is joining
 the European market coupling across the Bulgarian-Romanian
border. By the agreement, ESO and IBEX agree to cooperate in
conducting implicit auctions for cross-border allocation of
capacity and energy. ESO undertakes to coordinate
interconnection exchanges for each delivery period with
neighbouring transmission system operators.

November 20, 2019 is the day of the first electricity supply
within the market integration. Interconnection capacity is also
available, allowing trade with all other market areas that are
part of the Single European Intraday Market. The accession of a
second wave of seven countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech
Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovenia) to the Single
Intraday Coupling, by launching two local implementation
projects (LIP 15 and LIP 16), extends the scope of uninterrupted
 electricity trade with the market zones of the countries
involved. They join the 14 countries that acceded to the Single
Intraday Coupling (SIDC) (formerly known as XBID) as the first
wave: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France,
Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal,
Sweden and Spain.

A third wave of intraday market coupling is expected by the end
of 2020.

Bulgaria is to accede to the Single European Day-Ahead
Electricity Market in the second half of 2020. RI/LG


Source: Sofia