Bulgarian School Grows, Sells Own Truffles

NW 16:13:31 16-09-2019

Bulgarian School
Grows, Sells
Own Truffles

Sofia, September 16 (BTA) - A school in Veliko Turnovo (North Central Bulgaria) earns money by growing truffles in its courtyard and selling them, Nova TV reported on Monday.

The idea for the project came around the end of the 2019 school year, when pupils found three truffle mushrooms and sold them for 350 leva. "I went down to the courtyard with my colleagues and we saw that it was teeming with truffles. Both black and white ones," said Nelly Nikolova, Headmaster of the Vocational Secondary School of Electronics in Veliko Turnovo.

"It was a little ridiculous to call the Education Minister and say: 'Minister, our courtyard is full of truffles'. But some people are just born lucky, I guess," added Nikolova.

The reason the school had to inform the authorities was that rumours of the expensive mushrooms began spreading among the locals and some of them came with shovels and began digging up the school grounds, the Headmaster explained.

Subsequently, the Education and Science Ministry approved a project to secure the school premises. The courtyard was then cleaned and fenced, and permanent security was put in place. The school also obtained two dogs: a guard dog and a truffle sniffing dog, which are being taken care of by the pupils.

The pupils will also be tasked with searching for truffles during the upcoming school year. The proceeds from their sales will be reinvested in the school.

Nikolova explained to Nova TV that the project will be used for both financial and educational purposes, as the pupils, along with the teachers, will learn through practice about the whole process from searching for truffles to their packing and selling.

The truffle harvesting campaign begins in November and will be headed by a teacher familiar with the process.

If the crop is good this year, the school plans to buy new computers and interactive supplies for its pupils. LN/DT