Archaeologists Unearth Rich Burial of Aristocrat at Cape Kaliakra

NW 18:46:31 15-08-2019

Archaeologists Unearth Rich Burial
of Aristocrat at
Cape Kaliakra

Sofia, August 15 (BTA) - Archaeologists have found a rich 14th century burial of a hitherto unknown aristocrat, Master George Palaiologos, at Cape Kaliakra on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, the National Museum of History said. The excavations are headed by the Director of the museum, Assoc. Prof. Boni Petrounova. She has been studying Bulgaria's medieval sea capital since 2004.

The experts have discovered many rich burials in the past 16 seasons but this is the first time the burial site of a scion of the royal Byzantine family is revealed. This Master of Kaliakra was probably a relative of Balik and Dobrotitsa who were known to rule the despotate of Dobrudja in the 14th century.

The most impressive find is the massive gold signet ring that reveals the name of its owner, Georgi, as well as his aristocratic origin. It is finely decorated and bears the sign of a dove, an inscription, and the monogram of the imperial family in Constantinople.

There were also many grave goods in situ.

Studies of the medieval necropolis will continue until the end of August. /LN/BR/ДЛ/