Bulgarian Swimmer Sets New Black Sea Marathon Record

NW 14:28:02 18-07-2019

Bulgarian Swimmer
Sets New Black Sea
Marathon Record

Bourgas, June 18 (BTA) - Thirty-one-year-old Tsanko Tsankov swam the 45-km Bourgas Bay on Wednesday becoming the first man to cross the Bay and swim this distance in the Black Sea. Tsankov crosses from Cape Emine to Cape Maslen Nos in 14 hours, 24 minutes and 34 seconds.

The longest distance that swimmers have done to date in the Black Sea is 30 km off the Russian coast.

The exact distance of Tsankov's open sea marathon was 46 kilometres and 620 metres. It is 11 kilometres longer than the famous swim of the English Channel.

Tsankov started his bid at Cape Emine at 06:20 hrs.

Officers of the maritime administration, Border Police and the Bourgas naval base took care of the swimmer's safety. Two vessels accompanied him throughout the swim.

"I managed to do it and that is the most important thing right now," he said immediately after stepping on shore. "It was very difficult but I knew that I could do it and not for a moment did it cross my mind to give up. There were big waves and a little before the end I was scared by two dolphins going centimeters below me."

He spoke of problems he had after the 20th km, when he had cramps all over his body but worst in his right side, and his swimming technique was disrupted. His team on the boat gave him aspirin and vitamins to keep him going. He never went on the boat. He ate a banana and a protein block during the swim.

After so much swimming he doesn't even want to be near water any more, but he knows that there is no way around it. He is most certainly not going to the beach any time soon. "I've had enough of the sea," he said.

He does not know if he will ever try a new record on the same distance: all he wants now is to rest.

Tsankov was met in Primorsko by dozens of supporters, among them family members, friends and lovers of marathon swimming.

The achievement of the athlete was officially registered by a licensed international judge of marathon swimming, who was on the boat the entire time.

Tsankov is a multiple national champion and record holder, two-time silver medalist from the world championship for veterans, a certified master of sport in many disciplines (100, 200 and 400 m medley and 400 m free style). TK/LN