Labour Market Is Dominated by Workers Hired under Employment Contracts - Survey

NW 16:33:31 09-07-2019

Labour Market Is
Dominated by Workers
Hired under Employment Contracts - Survey

Sofia, July 9 (BTA) - Bulgaria's labour market is dominated by workers hired under a standard employment contract, said Maria Prohaska of the Centre for Economic Development. At a BTA-hosted news conference on Tuesday she unveiled data from an international survey carried out in six countries. In Bulgaria the survey was implemented in 2018 among 1,000 respondents in 100 settlements in all of the country's 28 regions.

Nearly 90 per cent of Bulgarian workers, including public servants, work under employment contracts. Those who are self- employed account for 9 per cent of the labour force and nearly 1.9 per cent work under civil contracts.

The study showed that between 80 and 90 per cent of Bulgarian workers are unwilling to transition to new forms of employment. As little as 15 per cent of people without a permanent job are willing to try the new forms of employment. Teleworking is accepted by a mere 6.6 per cent of respondents, while collaborative employment by 4.6 per cent.

For 52.8 per cent of respondents better pay is the reason to look for new forms of employment. According to 54.3 per cent of respondents, being your own boss is the best advantage of the new forms of employment and for 18 per cent it is a better work-life balance. The disadvantages of the new forms of employment include inadequate social insurance (40 per cent), unsteady income (34 per cent) and greater responsibilities and high stress levels (45 per cent).

Prohaska said that both workers and employers are content with the various types of employment, including civil and copyright contracts, provided for in the Labour Code.

The European Foundation for improvement of Living and Working Conditions has defined the following new forms of employment: employee sharing, interim management, casual employment, home-based work, voucher-based work, and collaborative employment. LY/PP //