Bulgarian Employers Will Need 327,000 Workers and Professionals over Next 12 Months - Poll

NW 17:07:31 14-06-2019

Bulgarian Employers Will Need 327,000 Workers
and Professionals
over Next 12 Months - Poll

Sofia, June 14 (BTA) - In the next 12 months, employers will need 327,000 workers and specialists, of whom slightly over 179,000 are skilled labourers, shows an Employment Agency survey, carried out in February and March. This is the third survey on labour demand and the first in 2019. The nationally representative survey has polled 396,000 active businesses in the country.

In the next 12 months and in the mid-term (3-5 years) employers will need more skilled specialists.

Most in demand will be workers in the food industry, machine operators, builders, seamstresses, wood processing specialists, construction fitters and cooks.

Bulgarian businesses need another 70,164 qualified or university educated specialists with teachers, drivers, nurses, doctors and machine engineers being most in demand.

In the next 12 months the economy will need 77,710 unskilled workers.

Eighty per cent of employers say that they will look to hire full time staff in the next year.

Similar to the previous two surveys of 2018, employers expect their employees to be disciplined (85.5 per cent) and to be able to work under pressure. Employers rank third the need for skills in working with new technologies (55.9 per cent), while customer service skills are ranked fourth (55.6 per cent).

In the next six months, out of 396,066 businesses, 18.51 per cent or 73,313 plan on hiring additional employees, whereas 78.4 per cent, or 310,912 businesses, don't plan on expanding their operations. As little as 3 per cent, or 11,882, are considering layoffs.

In the mid-term (3-5) years, Bulgarian businesses will need more than 22,500 IT specialists and as many economists. The sectors of public administration, education and health care will experience the greatest demand for university graduates, with 22 per cent of total demand, or 48,391 people.

Employers in Sofia City, Varna, Plovdiv, Rousse and Pleven experience the greatest demand for jobs, linked closely to Industry 4.01. PP