New Lev Banknote Series Put into Circulation

December 14 (BTA) - The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB)
puts into circulation a new series of lev banknotes of the same
overall design and main elements as the paper currency in
circulation, but using new security features.

The first banknote of the new series is denominated 100 leva and
 dated 2018. It will enter into circulation on December 28, 2018
 as legal tender.

The new banknote has an additional mark for visually impaired
people, consisting of five thick and six thin skew raised lines
at an angle on the left and right sides of the obverse.

Other new security features include a hologram stripe with
alternating images of an edelweiss and Aleko Konstantinov's
profile; а coloured hologram portrait of Konstantinov; а detail
of Konstantinov's monument, which changes its colour from
emerald gгееn to sapphire blue when the banknote is tilted; and
a 3D image of the number 100.

The number 100 is printed in optically variable ink which
changes its colour from emerald gгееn to sapphire blueе when the
 banknote is tilted.

Rectangular chequered fields are printed on both sides of the
banknote to form the figure 100 against the light.

The security thread is woven into the paper and partially
appears on the reverse with a repeated light-coloured text "BNB
100", shifting in colour from emerald green to sapphire blue.
The image of the repeated text "BNB 100" is visible on the
obverse when the banknote is held up against the light.

A high resolution watermark, consisting of a half-tone image of
Konstantinov's portrait, is seen when the banknote is held up to
 the light.

The 100 lev banknotes dated 2003 remain in circulation together
with the 100 leva banknotes dated 2018. LI/LG

Source: Sofia