Around 118 Mln Lv Distributed as Bonuses in State Administration

Around 118 Mln Lv Distributed as Bonuses in State Administration


Around 118 Mln Lv
Distributed as Bonuses
in State Administration

Sofia, December 11 (BTA) - Around 118 million leva was distributed as bonuses for the state administration over the past year, Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) member Dragomir Stoynev said Tuesday at a news conference held by his party. The data is based on inquiries with the government departments.

Stoynev commented that the administration does not fulfil its duties and yet the government continues to increase its numbers and provide monetary incentives for the administration - while no incentives are available to support young families.

BSP reported that the biggest share of bonuses went to the Finance Ministry, with over 43 million leva, followed by the Labour and Social Policy Ministry, with around 13 million leva, the Environment and Water Ministry, with over 2 million leva, Sofia Airport, with 1.465 million leva, the Registry Agency, with 1.275 million leva, and the Justice Ministry, with 1.1 million leva.

Stoynev asked what will happen with the announced surplus of over 2 billion leva for the end of the year and whether the government will take a decision in the dark without the approval of the National Assembly.

"The State has money and those who say otherwise are not telling the truth," Stoynev noted.

The Left also mentioned an ongoing scandal over the fact that for three years now contracts for catering services to the Armed Forces are signed without the required public procurement procedure.

The last public procurement for catering expired in 2015 and a new contracting procedure was held but has been stalled by long appeals. Defence Minister Krassimir Karakachanov has blamed the scandal on "profiteers in the defence system" and said they want "to make some money" out of it. The Socialists urged him to say who the "profiteers" are and whether he is ready to name "the MP/lobbyists".

The Socialists believe that Karakachanov broke the law with the catering arrangements.

They said he broke the law again as the army is paying 250 leva for a pair of service shoes which is available for 130 leva in shoe stores.

Taking a reporter's question, Dragomir Stoynev said there is no conflict between BSP leader Kornelia Ninova and her predecessor and Party of European Socialists Sergei Stanishev.

He said that the top BSP leadership has already sent a message to congratulate Stanishev on his reelection as PES President. LI/TH/LN

Source: Sofia