Bulgarians Spend LV 90-100 on Plastic Christmas Trees

ESD 13:04:31 04-12-2018

Bulgarians Spend 90-100 Lv
on Plastic Christmas Trees
Producer's Survey

Sofia, December 4 (BTA) - A Bulgarian Christmas tree factory found in a survey that Bulgarians spend between 90 and 100 leva on average to buy a plastic Christmas tree. The factory based in the southern town of Rakovski carried out its research in eight countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Austria.

Slovenians pay the most, 100 euro, followed by Hungarians and Croatians with 60-65 euro, while Romanians, Macedonians, Serbians and Austrians pay roughly the same as Bulgarians, 45-50 euro.

In the Western countries, people decorate the Christmas tree mid-November and put it away after January 20. In contrast, in the Eastern Balkans the tree is decorated later and stowed away earlier.

The survey found different preferences for the Christmas tree's colour, shape, size and sort. The most popular colour is green, followed by frosted and white trees. Macedonia and Croatia are bolder in their choice of red trees. In Austria, people experiment with blue, pink and orange trees, as does the private sector - shopping centres, banks and insurers.

The most popular model in Croatia and Hungary is the 3D Christmas tree, which most closely resembles natural Scandinavian pines. LI/TH


Source: Sofia