Labour Migration Agreement with Moldova Takes Effect

NW 18:30:01 05-10-2018

Labour Migration Agreement
with Moldova
Takes Effect

Sofia, October 5 (BTA) - An agreement on labour migration between Bulgaria and Moldova takes effect after being gazetted Friday. The agreement aims to provide opportunities for employment of workers for those sectors of the Bulgarian economy which are experiencing a shortage of labour, said the Labour Ministry.

It also said that the agreement will apply to all citizens of the two countries who have employment contracts and stay permit.

It will allow employment of Moldovan workers in Bulgaria for a period of one year and subsequent extensions of up to three years without a separate work permit.

It also regulates the exchange of seasonal workers for a period of up to nine months per year.

The workers employed under this agreement will have the same labour rights, obligations and protection as those applied to local workers.

The agreement is effective from September 11. RY/LN/