PM Borissov: Bulgarians in Ukraine Will Always Be Bridge for Cooperation between the Two Countries

NW 18:21:31 05-10-2018
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PM Borissov: Bulgarians in Ukraine Will Always Be Bridge
for Cooperation between
the Two Countries

Odessa, October 5 (BTA) - The Ukrainian citizens of Bulgarian origin will always be a bridge for understanding and cooperation between the two countries, said here on Friday Prime Minister Boyko Borissov during a meeting with Ukraine's President Petro
Poroshenko, the government information service reported. The two attended celebrations of the 160th anniversary of the G. S. Rakovski High School in the Ukrainian town of Bolhrad, which is predominantly populated by ethnic Bulgarians.

Borissov described the joint observance of the school's anniversary as an expression of the two countries' shared understanding of the importance to preserve the linguistic and cultural identity of the Bulgarian community in Ukraine.

Borissov said the continuation of this policy is the best guarantee that the Bulgarians in Ukraine will continue to serve as a bridge for cooperation between Ukraine, Bulgaria and the EU, and be a factor for Ukraine's European perspective.

The Ukrainian President thanked the Bulgarian government for its efforts during the Bulgarian EU Presidency in the context of the Ukraine-EU relations, including the financial assistance for his country.

The two leaders praised the traditionally good relations between Bulgaria and Ukraine which rest on strong historical, cultural and linguistic ties. The two described this as proof of the two countries' mutual recognition as important and high-priority partners.

Ukraine's pro-European orientation, as well as the shared Euro-Atlantic values, additionally enhance these relations and create the basis for their further reinforcement in all areas of mutual interest, the Bulgarian Government leader noted.

The meeting also focused on broadening bilateral trade and cooperation. Borissov and Poroshenko noted last year's 15 per cent increase of Ukrainian tourists who visited Bulgaria.

It transpired after the meeting that Bulgaria will provide a building in central Sofia for an Ukrainian culture centre whereas Ukraine will provide a building for a Bulgarian school in Odessa. The buildings should be made available within a month.

Borissov also said that 30 students from the Bolhrad school will be coming to Sofia on a camp.

He said that the Bulgarian government has provided 150,000 leva for equipment and facilities in the Bolhrad school.

Deputy Prime Minister Simeonov thanked President Poroshenko for the cooperation, tolerance and conditions that the Ukrainian community creates for the preservation of the Bulgarian community.

Vice President Iliana Iotova also visited Bolhrad for the school's anniversary and left as a gift a lithography print by Nikolay Pavlovich titled "Bulgarians' Dream of Freedom". "The history of the Bolhrad high school is a history of Bulgaria," she said, describing the school as having contributed to Bulgaria's national liberation ideology.

Iotova presented President Rumen Radev's Badge of Honour to the high school's principal, Snezhana Skorich, for the school's contribution to the Bulgarian language education of dozens of generations of students, as well as its role for preserving the
traditions of Bessarabian Bulgarians.

BTA's special correspondents Teodora Tsaneva and Antoan Nikolov contributed to this story. LI/MY/LN///