Poll Shows Bulgarians Dissatisfied with Quality of Roads

NW 13:38:01 30-08-2018

Poll Shows Bulgarians
Dissatisfied with
Quality of Roads

Sofia, August 30 (BTA) - Bulgarians are largely dissatisfied with the quality of roads in their country. A poll by Gallup International among 822 respondents found that the average mark they give to the quality of roads is 3.15 on a scale from 2 to 6, six being the highest. The poll was taken between August 3 and 10, which was about a week before a deadly bus crash near Svoge, some 40 km north of Sofia, which left 17 dead and which some blame on the bad road.

A total of 38 per cent of the respondents believe that the quality of roads has worsened in recent years, 27 per cent say they get better and 5 per cent are undecided. All of this paints a picture that is rather negative, the analysts say.

The supporters of the ruling parties are more positively minded than the supporters of the opposition or those who are distanced from the political processes.

The attitudes also differ depending on the place of residence, age and wealth of the respondents. People with lower incomes and education, older people and those in small population places are more critical - not only about the quality of roads but in general about the policies of state institutions.

The capital Sofia is the only place where an equal number of people see positive and negative developments. Everywhere else those who see negative trends significantly outnumber the optimists.

The pollsters point out that both the positive and negative assessments reflect a picture the respondents get from the news media rather than personal firsthand experiences. LN/