Bulgaria Ranks Fifth in Europe in Child Obesity - Study

Bulgaria Ranks Fifth in Europe in Child Obesity - Study

Sofia, October 10 (BTA) - Bulgaria ranks fifth among 32 countries in Europe in terms of child obesity, WHO data show. The data were presented by the Bulgarian Association for the Study of Obesity and Related Diseases at a BTA-hosted news conference on Tuesday. The move was occasioned by World Obesity Day, October 11.

A nation-wide study of the population's nutrition covering more than a year and quoted by the association's Assoc. Prof. Svetoslav Handjiev has established a considerable increase of obesity among boys under 5: 7.1 per cent in 2014 compared to 3.3 per cent in 2004. A different trend was registered in girls at the same age: declining obesity and consumption of more healthy foods.

The greatest problem for Bulgaria, the specialist said, is the excessive consumption of salt (about twice more than necessary) and immobilization.

At the same time, Bulgaria ranks last in the EU by fresh milk consumption.

The fact that Bulgarian children spend relatively long periods watching TV or using computers is also concerning. Handjiev said Bulgarian children spend 25-26 before the screen, children in the Netherlands - 14 hours, and children in Greece - 17 hours.

All this increases the hazard of obesity, which in turn can be a condition leading to diabetes 2, heart disease and other conditions, the expert said. He also drew attention to the so-called imitation foods.

Source: Sofia